Leading Dropshipping suppliers in China

Dropshipping is the most popular e-business among youngsters throughout the globe. It helps set up a side income stream with nearly no investment and enables you to live your dreams. But most of the drop shippers fail as they fail to find reliable dropshipping suppliers.

Leading Dropshipping suppliers in China

Leading Dropshipping suppliers in China

A reliable dropshipping supplier is a founding pillar of the dropshipping business. You may put your blood and sweat into finding a converting product to dropship but fails to find any supplier to work with you. People lose hope and never come back to dropshipping business again. We have prepared a list of leading dropshipping suppliers in China to solve this issue.

Leading Dropshipping suppliers in China

Leading Dropshipping suppliers in China


AliExpress is the most renowned Chinese dropshipping supplier. Newbies to dropshipping businesses usually start their business with Ali express. And there are fair reasons to do so. It’s a user-friendly platform, easy to use, and offers the best prices for an extensive product range from fashion to gardening. Most importantly, it supports most of the CMS for automating the dropshipping business.

AliExpress Key features

  • AliExpress has more than 20 million products in its bucket, and that’s too are permitted to dropship.
  • AliExpress’s broad categories range lets you find nearly all products of all niches.
  • You can find global warehouses for particular products at AliExpress. It helps you to speed your dropshipping delivery systems.
  • AliExpress considers its importance as an international dropshipping supplier and supports multiple languages including, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Thai, Vietnamese, and Turkish.
  • AliExpress has separately designed dropshipping program to automate and speed up a dropshipping business. Dropshipping tools like Alidropship, DSers, and Oberlo are there to lets your dropshipping business be an automated and successful e-business.

AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress affiliate program is another plus for drop shippers. Ali express affiliate program offers a way more margin than Amazon affiliate programs. As a drop shipper, you can use the AliExpress affiliate link to make purchases can get 8% to 10% extra revenue on each sale. It will help you to cut your product cost and increase your dropshipping margin.

AliExpress VIP Prices

You can feel the high level of competition among thousands of sellers on AliExpress. In this neck and neck competition, sellers offer VIP prices on their few products to attract buyers. You can always bargain with sellers to get the VIP price that will ultimately boost your dropshipping margins.

AliDropshipping center

AliDropshipping center is an incredible tool to use for drop shippers. It lets you know the top-selling products of a particular category and a lot more.

The important sections of AliDropshipping center are discussed below,

  • Hot DS Items – In this section, you can find the AliExpress recommended items. Those trending have unbelievable sales at a specific point at that time.
  • Suppliers Rank – If you can’t find reliable suppliers for your category, you may check the suppliers rank section. The supplier rank section shows you the list of trusted suppliers of a particular niche.
  • Product Analysis – It’s an incredible feature to use. It reveals the competitiveness, recent sales volume, and market trends of a product by the graph. You have to copy the AliExpress link of the product and paste it here for product analysis. A product with an upward graph in product analysis is considered the best choice for dropshipping.
  • Leading Dropshipping suppliers in China

    Leading Dropshipping suppliers in China


After working with AliExpress for a few years, you may feel an upgrading of your business to improve product quality and shipping duration. Banggood works directly with Chinese manufacturers and is famous for providing quality products with a reliable & efficient delivery system.

Banggood Features

  • You may find 200,000 + products of 20+ categories listed on Banggood. It’s a broad range of products but too small as compared to AliExpress 20 million products catalog.
  • Banggood has local warehouses in first-world countries like USA, UK, Aus, and France. It empowers Banggood drop shippers to commit 2-8 days delivery to compete for Amazon and other local e-com stores and win the race.
  • Banggood provides 24/7 professional customer support. That is the key ingredient behind their success as buyers’ trust & satisfaction matter.
  • Banggood back drop shippers by providing special discounts of up to 20% from time to time.

Banggood Dropship Center

Banggood has a separate dropship center to provide market analysis and trends. In Dropship center, click on ‘Top Selling report’ to find the following incredible features,

  • Dispatch Fast – Provides you insight into products with enough stock and fast delivery options.
  •  Hot Sale – It shows the hot selling and trending items on Banggood.
  • Big discount – It provides you with a list of products with high discount offers.
Leading Dropshipping suppliers in China

Leading Dropshipping suppliers in China

You can save plenty of time by using Banggood Dropship center’s incredible features to get such detailed market insight via a single click.

Banggood Affiliate Program

Banggood has a separate affiliate program that offers high margins of up to 9%. It allows drop shippers to use affiliates’ links to save up to 9% extra on each sale.


You want to sell something different, something unique or new. Either you want to make bulk purchases to enjoy maximum discount offers or are interested in maintaining your brand, your stock. It’s where CJDropships comes in.

CJDropship is designed to take your dropshipping business to the next level.

Leading Dropshipping suppliers in China

Leading Dropshipping suppliers in China

CJDropshipping Features

  • It supports products sourcing, order fulfillment, and print-on-demand services.
  • It enables you to get a free quotation within 24 hours after submitting a sourcing request for any product.
  • It supports thousands of products for print-on-demand services and lets you start a print-on-demand dropshipping store.
  • It allows you to source products from its USA warehouse to ship via USPS 2-5 days delivery system.
  • It provides professional videos and images of products.

Final Words

Dropshipping is a wonderful business model that lets you earn unbelievable profits with minimum investments and efforts.

The major drawback of dropshipping is the powerlessness of the store owner. The fortune of your dropshipping store is in your supplier’s hand. Suppliers can make or break your dropshipping store. You have to do deep research on sellers of the above-discussed platforms before finalizing any seller.

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