Top 10 Crystal jewelry manufacturers from China

Top 10 Crystal jewelry manufacturers from China

Top 10 Crystal jewelry manufacturers from China

It’s too complex and hectic to find jewelry manufacturers online for ideal B2B deals. We have prepared a list of the “Top 10 Crystal jewelry manufacturers from China.” Keep reading to find a perfect crystal jewelry manufacturer to make an ideal business deal by just scrolling a page.


Yes, Alibaba is not a jewelry manufacturer. But you can find hundreds of verified jewelry manufacturers listed on Alibaba.

Advantages of Alibaba

  • You can make direct deals with hundreds of trusted & professional crystal jewelry manufacturers.
  • It’s the best option for small businesses as most of the registered manufacturers on Alibaba support minimum order quantities of up to 10 to 50 pieces only.
  • It lets you bargain with manufacturers to get an ideal quote.
  • You can enjoy payment protections on Alibaba. It allows you to get a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied with the quality.
  • The popularity and business volume of Alibaba lures the China giant manufacturers to get registered on Alibaba. This competitive environment ultimately helps the clients to get amazing quotes on Alibaba.


Several traders on Alibaba represent themselves as manufacturers to get the orders. Because of that, you may need to spend hours in a few cases to find the actual manufacturers. To avoid such issues, you may go for verified crystal jewelry manufacturers on Alibaba.

Global Sources

‘Global sources’ is a China-based manufacturer and traders’ business hub. It is a formidable competitor of Alibaba for B2B deals. You can enjoy the following benefits by scrolling ‘Global sources’,

  • Verified Manufacturers – It lets you access the hundreds of verified crystal jewelry manufacturers on a single page.
  • Get Ideal quotes – Competitive business environment gives you enough space to bargain and get a perfect deal.


  • You should have negotiating tactics and business how know to get perfect quotes on such sites.
  • Before finalizing a deal, there’re several factors like shipping time, company history, and minimum order quantity bar, etc., to keep in mind.


Nihaojewelry is one of the China-based leading crystal jewelry manufacturers and traders. It could be your next choice to get ideal quotes. A few of its luring benefits are listed below,

  • No minimum order quantity bar – That means you can order a specific product according to your business requirements, not just to meet the minimum order quantity bar.
  • 10 Day Delivery – You can get your order anywhere in the world within only ten days. If DHL supports your country, then there will be no issue with getting your orders.
  • Wide range of Products – It has nearly 15000 varying jewelry articles in its catalog.

Nihaojewelry is perfect for dropshipping but not for wholesale. As you may not get market competitive factory prices for many of its products.

Top 10 Crystal jewelry manufacturers from China

Top 10 Crystal jewelry manufacturers from China


Made-in-China has nearly 65+ registered crystal jewelry manufacturers & suppliers, mainly from China. It’s one of the most popular Chinese B2B sites with the following noticeable benefits,

  • It lets you negotiate directly with manufacturers for customization or perfect quotes.
  • Smart Expo – Its digital expo features aids you to make incredible deals on specifically listed jewelry articles.
  • Global shipment – It offers worldwide shipment services. The shipment policy can vary with varying manufacturers/suppliers.

TTT Jewelry

‘TTT Jewelry’ is a well-reputed handmade jewelry manufacturer and supplier in China. Enjoy the enlisted benefits by scrolling TTT Jewelry,

  • Free Sample – You can ask for a free sample by submitting your company details before finalizing the deal. It will help you to ensure quality.
  • Negotiate – It lets you negotiate order quantities and charges to get a fair quote.
  • Custom articles – You can send your customized designs to get crystal jewelry of your choice.
  • Branding – It allows you to brand your company by enjoying logo engraving services.
Top 10 Crystal jewelry manufacturers from China

Top 10 Crystal jewelry manufacturers from China

Jewelry Bund

Jewelry Bund is another well-known China-based jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler. It has three factories in China mainland to meet the global workload. Some of its key advantages are listed below,

  • Let you do branding by providing custom packaging and logo engraving services.
  • Worldwide shipping with UPS/DHL/EMS/USPS and other reputed carriers’ services.
  • Live Chat via Messenger, Skype, and WhatsApp.
  • Get a quote by live chatting with customer support.
  • No minimum order quantity bar.


DHgate is one of China’s leading digital wholesale markets. You can find hundreds of crystal jewelry manufacturers/suppliers and thousands of articles here. Some of its incredible benefits are listed below,

  • You can get the best quality at minimal prices on DHgate.
  • It lets you enjoy Escrow payment protection for 100% secure transactions.
  • You can find suppliers with free shipping services here on DHgate.
  • It delivers worldwide by its partner carriers like American Express, DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

SOQ jewelry 

SOQ jewelry is known internationally for quality at the lowest cost. Multinational companies look at the case studies of SOQ jewelry after its remarkable success in the digital jewelry wholesale market. Its prominent benefits are listed below,

  • Quality at a minimal price – You can get up to 4 rings for $1 only.
  • Sample product – You can ask for a sample product at wholesale price.
  • Fast shipping – It ensures worldwide fast shipping by its partner carriers like DHL, E-packet, FedEx, and, UPS.

At SOQ jewelry, you may have to meet the minimum order quantity bar. MOQ varies from one article to another. On average it could be between 50 to 1000 units.

Yiwu products is a China-based wholesale e-commerce site for jewelry. It is providing the latest trendy designs to the global market from the last decade. Look at the following enlisted benefits of Yiwu products,

  • Fast shipping throughout the globe.
  • It is known for its trendy designs.
  • No minimum order quantity bar.

You have to make a transaction of at least $99 as Yiwu products is a wholesale market.

Top 10 Crystal jewelry manufacturers from China

Top 10 Crystal jewelry manufacturers from China is a well-reputed wholesale e-commerce platform. You can find several China-based crystal jewelry manufacturers here on Some of the prominent features that make special are listed below,

  • One of the largest B2B sites with 50 offices throughout the globe, including 13 offices in China mainland
  •  You are free to contact suppliers or manufacturers to get an ideal quote.
  • It supports worldwide shipping.
  • There’re chances to get the lowest prices because of the highly competitive environment.

You may need the experience to differentiate among traders and manufacturers. Minimum order quantity varies from one company to another.


There are thousands of crystal jewelry manufacturers in China. Many manufacturers do not have an attractive digital presence but may have quality products at the lowest cost. For the large-scale investment, you may have to visit these manufacturers physically before finalizing the deal.

We have listed the top ten crystal jewelry manufacturer in China after deep research. You may need to look at multiple checkboxes before finalizing a manufacturer or business deal. A manufacturer could be best for any ‘party A’ and may not suit another ‘party B.’ Before selecting a manufacturer look at the following factors first,

  • Manufacturer history & customer reviews
  • Sample products
  • Payment protection
  • MOQ
  • Minimum order value bar
  • Variety or Product range
  • Shipping cost & time

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