What Is The China Business License

The document BUSINESS LICENSE OF LEGAL ENTITY certifies that the enterprise has obtained the qualification of legal entity and is undertaking lawful operations.

China Business License

China Business License

Who has a China business license?

All companies operating in China should be registered and have a China business license; these companies are required to apply to the relevant authorities for a business license. This application is usually made at the company’s local Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC). When the companies are issued a business license they will receive the business license in the form of a certificate.

Original and duplicate business license

The business license is divided into original and duplicate, both of which have the same legal effect. The original shall be placed in a conspicuous place at the domicile or the company’s place of business. The enterprise may apply for several duplicates based on the need of the business, and the business license shall not be forged, altered, leased, lent or transferred. No organization or individual can suspend, take over or cancel the license other than the registration institute.

Details about China Business License

The China business license contains the key details of the company’s registration, with specific details including Registration Number, Official Company Name, Company Type, Registered Address, Legal Representative, Registered Capital, Date of Establishment, License Expiry Date, Business Scope, and Registration Bureau.

The company must undertake business operations within the registered scope of the business, and apply it to the original registration institute to alter the registration in case of any changes in the registration items. The registration institute shall inspect the company yearly, at any time from January 1 to April 30 each year.

It is common for Chinese companies to provide their customers or partners with a copy of their license to prove that they are registered.