Why and How to Find Suppliers in China?

Why and how to find suppliers in China? Presumably, everyone is thinking about finding a good supplier in China. In order to find the right one, do we need to go to numerous exhibitions? Is it necessary to go to China personally for field study? Are there better ways to find good suppliers besides on the Internet?

Here are some answers to these questions.

Why and How to Find Suppliers in China?

Either go to China or wait for death!

People all over the world know that most of the world’s products are produced by China. In every supermarket and store, most of the trademarks are likely to be written in “Made in China”.

The most important reason why purchasers from all countries go to China to find suppliers is the highly competitive prices available. In fact, it is for this same reason that a large number of foreign manufacturers are flocking to the country.

It’s a fact. The French media made this comment about their domestic manufacturers moving factories to China: C ‘est la Chine Ou La mort!Either go to China or wait for death!

How to keep your products competitive in you home counry?

Simply put, whether you are a businessman or a purchaser, as long as you want to keep your products competitive in your home country, you will try to find solutions to prevent your enterprise from bankruptcy rather than wait for death. Some of the solutions available include:

  1. Stop selling products that have been affected by price impact. This is definitely not a good idea unless you have a lot of other inventory or you simply want to take a permanent vacation!
  2. Searching for products from more competitive manufacturers in your country.
  3. Importing from low-cost countries. If we think this method is the most appropriate, there are quite a few things waiting for us. For example, which country to choose for purchasing? How to find a manufacturer who understands our way of doing things? After searching for a long time, however, you will find that you will still choose China. The next questions then become: how to find Chinese suppliers? How to choose from them? How to communicate with them? You may send a few letters of inquiry about the product you are interested in and buy a sample. If so, you may have to spend thousands of dollars on the sample just to avoid making decisions that you won’t be happy within the end.

Attend professional exhibitions to find responsible suppliers!

In fact, many responsible Chinese manufacturers are not on the B2B website. These manufacturers are very good in their fields, but unfortunately, they don’t know how to market effectively.

You, therefore, have the option to attend large-scale professional exhibitions to find those suppliers that cannot be found on the B2B website; communicate with them on the spot; announce initial cooperation intentions, and maintain good relations.

It should be noted that, however, if you do not speak Chinese and are not accompanied by an interpreter, then going to the exhibition is basically not such a good idea. You need to learn Chinese and be familiar with the way Chinese people do things. Obviously, hiring interpreters costs a lot. If you don’t plan to spend money on it, you have to find other ways to get in touch with the vendors you are interested in. You can turn to the organizers of the exhibition, or ask people around you. If necessary, you can also seek the help of professional purchasing agencies.

Why and How to Find Suppliers in China

Four effective ways to find  suppliers in China

Here are some effective ways to find suppliers in China:

  1. Searching on search engines or B2B platforms using keywords;
  2. Asking exhibitors of the best exhibitions for information about suppliers;
  3. Getting in touch with the suppliers whose information you got;
  4. If you don’t have time to go to China and inspect the manufacturers in person, you should ask someone to check and verify the situation of the manufacturers for you to make sure everything is legitimate and in order.