How to verify Chinese companies

China is the world’s largest exporter of all kinds of goods, making it the most significant trading country globally. It has become the business destiny and the first choice in the manufacturing industry. People prefer to manufacture their products in China.

With business comes frauds. Likewise, China has faced several scams from suppliers, manufacturers, and buyers. To be on the safe side, you should consider getting your website verified and the person you are working with beforehand.

Web control in China is turning out to be stricter and more exhaustive. On August 25, China’s top Internet administrative organization reported new guidelines administering Internet gatherings and networks, denying unidentified Internet clients from posting any substance on Internet stages.

If you are a new manufacturer or planning to start a business in China but scare scams, worry not. We have got you covered by our services to verify Chinese websites and allow you to protect your business.

How to verify Chinese companies

How to verify Chinese companies

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Collect your business license and registration number
  2. Identify your quality control system certificate.
  3. Check your import/export license.
  4. Audit your business

One of the major verifying steps is to check whether you as a manufacturer are actually working as a manufacturing company and not a trading company. In China, trading companies display themselves as manufacturing companies to attract customers. For the customers to trust you, you have to provide them with the best quality at the lowest rates. What trading companies do is that they buy at cheaper rates and resell at expensive rates.

Now that we know the basics, let’s dive right into the process and learn what you need to get your website verified:


Business Licence And Registration Number

Customers prefer companies with a legal record, especially when purchasing online. All businesses running in China must register themselves with the Chinese government to register, an 18 digit number known as the Unified Social Credit Code.

But how is this important? Well, each digit of the 18 numbers represents something. Here’s more:

  • The first digit, usually a number 9, represents the code of registering authority.
  • The second digit shows what type of entity your business is.
  • 1 means an enterprise
  • 2 represents a sole business
  • 3 means professional farmers
  • The next eight digits show the administrative division code along with the location where your business is being registered.
  • The next seventeen digits represent the organization code.
  • The last digit shows the check digit and could be both; either an alphabet or a number.

Business Licence Verification

Since the last few years, Chinese business license has gone through various changes; yet, most of them contain the same essential information:

  • Registration number
  • Chinese (official) company name
  • The company’s legal representative
  • The date of establishment
  • Company type
  • The registered address
  • The date the business license was being established
  • Business scope
  • Registered capital
  • The expiry date of the business license

Contact us to make this process easier and help get your customers to trust you.


Identify your quality control system certificate

The quality control system certificate helps coordinate your business activities to fulfill customer demand and improve business effectiveness. It is a set of procedures and obligations your business follows. ISO 9001 is being used as quality control system certification in over 170 countries.

Chinese companies, while verifying, need an ISO 9001 certification. Here’s a little guide:

  • Product scope: You need to have certification for products that are being listed on your certificate ONLY. We need a list of products that you sell and are being registered on a Quality control system certificate.
  • Issue and expiry date: A lot of businesses use outdated quality control system certification. You need to make sure that your QMS certificate is valid and not expired.

Import Export Licence

The primary purpose of website verification is to win the trust of your customers across the country. While importing and exporting in China, your business would need two important documents;

  • A China Customs Registration Certificate
  • A Foreign Trade Operator Record

These two are the core basis of your verification process. A China Customs Registration Certificate is being issued by Chinese customs, whereas the ministry of commerce issues a Foreign Trade Operator Record.

These certifications can help gain permits for their selling. You will need to provide copies of these certificates to avoid any scams.

Auditing Your Business

Auditing your website is one of the best ways to verify it. The process could involve:

  • Have a Quality Control System certificate
  • License verification
  • Look out for policies, working conditions, and processes.
  • A detailed profile of the company
  • Feedbacks(if any), available samples

Struggling to get your business verified to attract customers and make them trust you? Worry not. Contact us to get your business verified!

How to verify Chinese companies

How to verify Chinese companies

ICP (Internet Content Provider )

Internet Content Provider (ICP) accreditation is a permit given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China, which should be being acquired to work sites in China’s territory.


  • ICP Filing: This is otherwise called ICP recordal. It is being needed for general substance suppliers that only use a site for educational purposes, i.e., no immediate selling.
  • Commercial ICP license: This is a must for web-based business sites with online installment reconciliation. An ICP Filing is additionally needed to apply for a Commercial ICP License.

Sites facilitated outside territory China can’t get an ICP Filing or Commercial ICP License. This incorporates sites that are being facilitated in Hong Kong. In any case, sites conveyed in or from Hong Kong don’t need these affirmations.

Who needs an ICP Filing in China?

ICP certificate is a sort of enlistment needed for anybody who needs to have content inside China, either alone server(s) or on outsider workers, e.g., a Content Delivery Network. Without an ICP Filing, your space risks are being closed down and boycotted by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) for still the Chinese substance laws.

What amount of time does it need to get ICP accreditation in China?

It can take 4 to two months to get an ICP Filing when all necessary documentation has been submitted. The normal time wherein we have assisted our clients with acquiring an ICP Filing is 3 weeks.

A Commercial ICP License can need 60-90 days to prepare and a business should apply to the MIIT to get one.

How to verify Chinese companies

How to verify Chinese companies

Advantages Of Website Verification

  • Improve site SEO

Site security testaments can likewise assist you with improving site design improvement (SEO).

Web optimization is a computerized showcasing committed to improving a site’s positioning in web crawler results. Up to 95% of Internet clients use web crawlers to begin a discussion!

Your positioning in web crawlers is vital. You can have the best online annual assessment business. Be that as it may, what benefit is it if nobody can discover it while searching for it?

For instance, think about two indistinguishable sites. On the off chance that one has a security endorsement and different doesn’t, Google positions first in quite a while.

  • Set up a brand

Your site security authentication can help you construct a more grounded brand on the web. That is because your business is in one of the interests of your clients securing their own data.

After you get the security endorsement, you can add a security seal to the site. Along these lines, any individual who visits your site can see that you put your site’s well-being first.

A more secure site can help you better pull in likely clients. This can help them perceive your image as a brand that often thinks more about clients than other online expense organizations.

  • Get certificate

Your site will likewise profit from the worker authentication given with each SSL endorsement. These worker declarations are helpful to you and your clients.

This is because the worker authentication causes you to check the data got on the web. Yet, clients can likewise see these testaments to guarantee that your site is bona fide and refreshed. This encourages them to have confidence that the site they are on is your site. It’s anything but a false page that imitates your site settings.

Giving purchasers trust in your online organization can help you win their business.

Bottom line

We specialize in providing the easiest and quickest way of getting your website verified. To be on the safer side and get the visitors to trust you, you need to maintain a well-structured website with verification meta tags to know you are authentic and fulfill your promises. A large portion of the clash of getting individuals to visit your site ensures the ideal individuals see it in query items and that its output posting looks as expert as could be expected. Pick your phone and contact us to get professional advice!

So what are you waiting for? Reach us to get your business verified!

How to verify Chinese companies

How to verify Chinese companies