The top 10 China ports (II)

The top 10 China ports (II)

At the end of 2018, relevant departments completed the statistical work of throughput of major ports in mainland China. The top 10 China ports are Ningbo Zhoushan Port, Shanghai Port, Tangshan Port, Guangzhou Port, Qingdao Port, Suzhou Port, Tianjin Port, Dalian Port, Yantai Port, and Rizhao Port. This blog will briefly introduce the five ports ranked sixth to tenth.

No. 6 in China’s top ten ports: Suzhou Port

Suzhou Port is close to Shanghai, and its southwest is the economically developed area of Suzhou, Wuxi, and Changzhou. Suzhou Port undertakes the loading and unloading, warehousing, transit, transportation, tally and ship towing business of import and export goods. It also handles the group engineering construction supervision, mechanical equipment repair and installation, group service, information, leasing, and other businesses. In 2018, Suzhou Port ranked seventh in the world in terms of cargo throughput.

After the integration of three ports, Suzhou Port has a promising prospect and will become a strong pillar of the comprehensive economic development along the river. It realizes the struggle proposed by Suzhou municipal Party committee and municipal government. That is to “build Suzhou Riverside area into a riverside international advanced manufacturing industry cluster belt “.

The top 10 China ports (II)

No. 7 in the top 10 China ports: Tianjin Port

Tianjin Port is composed of five ports. It is an important node of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge. And it is also a strategic fulcrum of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road. By 2019, Tianjin Port has a total coastline of 32.7 km, a water area of 336 km2 and a land area of 131 km2.

The operation of Tianjin Port is as follows: first, the main business of Tianjin Port includes port loading and unloading, port logistics and other related port services. Second, Tianjin Port has trade relations with more than 500 ports in more than 180 countries and regions in the world, with 120 container liner routes. In 2018, the cargo throughput of Tianjin Port was 446.04 million tons, including 258.64 million tons of foreign trade cargo.

No. 8 in the top 10 China ports: Dalian Port

Dalian Port is located in the Dalian Bay at the south end of the Liaodong Peninsula. It is the sea gateway of the region into the Pacific Ocean and facing the world. The water area of Dalian Port is 346 square kilometers, the land area of the core port area is about 18 square kilometers, and the land area is 15 square kilometers.

The operation of Dalian Port is as follows: first, Dalian Port has more than 100 modern professional berths for containers, crude oil, refined oil, bulk mines, grain, coal, roll on and so on, and more than 70 berths above 10000 tons. Second, Dalian Port is mainly engaged in loading, unloading, storage and transportation services of crude oil, refined oil and liquid chemicals, and passenger transport services. Dalian Port has made continuous breakthroughs in the leading operation of super large ore ships. It has provided full support and guarantee for the efficient and orderly development of iron ore business in Dalian Port. This is of positive significance for improving port production efficiency and boosting the construction of the Northeast Asian iron ore distribution center.

The top 10 China ports (II)

No. 9 in China’s top ten ports: Yantai Port

Yantai Port is located in the core area of the Northeast Asia international economic circle. It is an important hub of China along the north passage of Hainan and an important node connecting Japan and South Korea to the new Eurasian Continental Bridge in Europe. Yantai Port consists of Zhifu Bay Port, Xigang Port, Penglai Port, Longkou Port, and Shouguang Port. In addition, Yantai Port’s main business includes containers, pipeline transportation, liquefied oil products, and bulk goods. The Yantai Port has formed a “four in one” collection and distribution network of railways, highways, waterways, and pipelines. Yantai Port plans to break through 500 million tons of integrated port throughput in 2020 and 600 million tons in 2025, making it one of the top ten coastal ports in the world.

No. 10 in China’s top ten ports: Rizhao Port

Rizhao Port is one of the 20 key coastal hub ports in China. Rizhao Port has 58 production berths. It mainly engages in port business, logistics services, construction, and manufacturing. What’s more, it also engages in international and domestic passenger transport services. Not only that, Rizhao Port has excellent climate conditions, and the annual operation days of the port can be kept over 300 days. Rizhao Port continues to optimize port functions. And it also continues to speed up the construction of “four types of ports” featuring integrity, wisdom, efficiency, and green. It constantly strides forward to a world-class marine port, and promoting the integrated development of “port industry, city, and sea”.

The top 10 China ports (II)