What Is The China Trademark Registration Certificate

The China trademark registration certificate is a legal document issued by the State Trademark Office to the trademark registrant to prove the scope of the exclusive right to use a trademark in accordance with the relevant provisions of trademark law.

The main contents of  Trademark Registration Certificate

The main contents recorded in the trademark registration certificate are: the trademark (drawing), the trademark registration number, the name and address of the trademark registrant, the items and categories of goods or services for use as approved by the trademark, and the starting and ending date of the exclusive right to use the trademark (valid period).

Although not compulsory, many companies in China register their logos and brands with the China Trademark Office in order to protect their business. Companies registered outside of China also can apply for a trademark in China, either because they plan to expand into China in the future, or for legal protection from copycats.

The validity period

The validity period of this certificate (and thus the trademark) is 10 years, so during this period, other companies cannot use the registered trademark for business. If a company wants to continue using their registered trademark after the expiration date, they have to apply for an extension.